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International Family And Custody Law

Family ties do not stop at international borders, and neither do we. Family law matters involving multiple countries are significantly more complex than those in the jurisdiction of a single state or even a single country, and it takes a law firm with global reach to resolve such cases.

The Law Offices of Triano & Byrne have the experience and international connections to help you navigate the challenges of international family law. Whether you are considering an international divorce, seeking spousal support from an ex-spouse living abroad or attempting to regain custody rights when your child lives outside the United States, we can help.

When you are facing a dispute over custody across borders, you need representation by an experienced lawyer. Because laws vary from one country to another, it is important to work with attorneys who have experience and connections across the globe.

Enforcing Custody Law And Other Family Matters

There are many reasons why your child custody case might involve the legal systems of more than one country. Many of our business clients, for instance, are stationed in offices abroad and bring their families overseas or start families while they are there. Alternatively, a spouse or ex-spouse can also simply travel to another country from any point of origin in the United States. Even when a custody agreement prevents this type of travel, it is possible to make travel arrangements and bring a child overseas against the objections of one parent.

As your lawyers, we work with local counsel to identify the relevant courts and applicable laws in each jurisdiction. Our highest priority is to help you assert your legal interests in your family, even in foreign contexts.

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