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The Benefits Of Alternative Dispute Resolution

Taking a case all the way to trial is often more trouble and more expensive than it is worth. Out-of-court settlements have their own advantages and disadvantages, and some cases require a kind of negotiation that falls somewhere in between totally informal discussions in an office and the absolutely formal setting of a courtroom.

That’s why the legal system allows for alternative dispute resolution, in which a qualified lawyer can help guide the discussion toward compromise while at the same time keeping in mind his own client’s interests in the matter. These techniques have been applied successfully in family law, business law and a wide range of other legal matters to great effect.

Going To Trial Is Often A Mistake

We firmly believe that if you are going to trial, someone is making a mistake. One of the most important advantages of alternative dispute resolution is that the resolution reached has the potential to be more durable. Because the agreement must have buy-in from all parties, by definition it will be an arrangement that is at least minimally satisfactory to each party — this means that it will be easier to enforce the agreement down the road, since the incentive to violate the agreement is relatively low.

The majority of conflicts we have seen can be solved in just a single session using the techniques of alternative dispute resolution. There are, of course, more complex cases that require much longer negotiations, but ADR is extremely effective in cutting through most disputes quickly and efficiently.

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